giovedì 14 luglio 2016

Interessante iniziativa sul tema disastri e comunicazione

A volte le coincidenze danno l'idea di aver intrapreso la strada giusta. E' di oggi un tweet dell'Arthur Page Society, che segnala un'interessante iniziativa del Center’s 2016 Page & Johnson Legacy Scholar Grants che raccoglierà case histories di comunicatori che hanno lavorato in contesti di disastri naturali e ambientali più in generale. Ancor più interessante è il focus sul tema etico e sulla comunicazione responsabile che il professionista deve affrontare durante il disastro.
Risuona familiare con il titolo del nostro libro?

Ecco un estratto dall'articolo:

You likely have had academic or on-the-job training in crisis and disaster communication, and know the protocols needed to get the messages to your intended audience. But, unless you have experience living off the grid in a remote wilderness, you may not know how to do your job effectively when there is no electricity, internet access or cellular service. Add the rumors that are quickly outpacing the flow of official messaging, and you have a veritable tsunami of challenges to overcome.
While there are numerous books, journal articles and case studies that outline what you should do in this situation, there are few personal accounts that detail how a communicator actually addressed obstacles and barriers in an active disaster setting.
With support from the Page Center’s 2016 Page & Johnson Legacy Scholar Grant, we will collect the stories of experienced disaster communicators, both paid and volunteer, to gain insight into how they accomplished their mission when faced with a variety of challenges that could create ethical issues when dealing with loss of life, property and livelihoods...
There may be times when communicators find that compassion and their own organizational policies are in conflict. By producing revealing narratives of communicators’ personal experiences during disaster responses, this project will demonstrate to others how ethical communication practices emerge or are impeded under difficult working conditions.

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